Are you looking for a Tally API Integration?

We have made first of it’s kind open Tally API Integration Platform, which any software developers can leverage and integrate their own application with the Tally Prime.

Tally API Integration helps business users to automate their accounting transactions between third-party software’s to Tally. The process eliminates user interventions, duplication of work, errors and lot more.

Once integrated the data between the software syncs seamlessly in the back-end!

Frequently Asked Questions for TallyPrime API Integration

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

An application programming interface is a way for two or more software’s or programs to communicate with each other programmatically without user intervention.

How to Use TallyPrime API Integration?

Step 1: Signup or Login on our web application

Step 2: On Dashboard, you will find a option API Integration, click on it and you will be navigated to the API Dashboard

Step 3: Click on View API Key and share your unique secured Auth key with your Software Developer

Step 4: Click on the data import template you wish to integrate with Tally and share the API code details with your software developer to implement the same in your Software

Step 5: Install the Excel2Tally-API.tcp file in your Tally to sync data via API

Which Data Format & Method it Support?

Our API supports JSON data format with POST method

Is Your API & Data is Secured

Yes! Data security is our top most priority.

We do NOT store data on our server.

Our API Service is hosted on highly secured and encrypted Amazon AWS Server in Mumbai Region and Amazon AWS servers are globally renowned as highly secured servers.

Who Can Use Our API?

Any organization who wish to automate their accounting data import process between third-party software’s to TallyPrime can use our API.

There is no specification or limitation on the use of our API. Any software developer programmatically use our API to sync data with Tally.

Do You Provide API Integration or Implementation Service?

No, we don’t provide case to case API development, integration or implementation service.

We develop standard TallyPrime compatible API’s so that your programmer can implement it for you.

Do You Provide Free Trial of API?

Yes, you can use your TEST Auth key to try our API service. You can do trial and testing upto 450 records in totality in 30 days.

Which Data Import Types Your API Supports?

Our API currently supports following vouchers & masters;

  1. Sales With Inventory (With Auto Master)
  2. Sales Without Inventory (With Auto Master)
  3. Sales Order
  4. Credit Note With Inventory
  5. Credit Note Without Inventory
  6. Purchase With Inventory (With Auto Master)
  7. Purchase Without Inventory (With Auto Master)
  8. Debit Note With Inventory
  9. Debit Note Without Inventory
  10. Receipt Voucher
  11. Payment Voucher
  12. Item Master
  13. Ledger Master
  14. Journal

Software Developers & DMS Developers

If you are a principle software developer or DMS provider wants to implement our TallyPrime API services for your customers or vendors then please reach us at for corporate volume pricing.